Take a look at this guy, he must be fuming right now. We would be. 13 years as Tamworths’ member of parliament and not a single promotion he had. Brian Jenkins former MP for Tamworth had a rather boring political career so far as Westminster was concerned.

Fast forward 14 years on and someone has got themselves a lovely new promotion after only 5 months in the job. Yep MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards MP has got herself on to the gravy train already seeking the heady heights of Labour Leadership.

What does this mean for Tamworth whom she pledged to represent? She and her team already struggle to reply to constituents after taking what seems an age to establish a base. Now with this job, she’s going to spend even less time representing Tamworth, and she expects you to vote her in when the next general election is held at the end of this year. Certainly explains why she was so interested in flooding, she was trying to catch her boss Sir Kier Starmers’ eye. We thought poor Sarah just didn’t understand how flood plains worked having apparently got herself in a tiz about flood plains doing what they do best. Now we know.

This is certain to drive a further wedge between her and her local Labour footsoldiers whom we understand didn’t want her as their MP in the first place, with many of them voting for someone else rather than her. She’s missing from most campaign pictures with Labour out and about campaigning.

What does this say though for the Labour Party who have appointed someone to a plum job after just months of being sworn in at Westminster for the first time? Have they not got any other well deserving ‘talent’ in their ranks. Or is this just the usual case of the unions having pushed one of their own to the forefront and demanded the party pay the piper?

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