Can this troll stoop any lower? Well it seems yes he apparently can, and he’s unashamedly getting on with it. Take a look at this insane rant from a man who preaches against bullying, preaches being kind, apparently has the highest morals and integrity and screams trolling against people he hates when clearly it is he that is the perpetrator of all the hate.

Not only has Brina in one post broken the values he preaches, he has decided to mock Cancer in his twisted analogy to describe his hate for former Conservative colleagues. How does that sit with the Nolan Principles you state, and your own false morals and principles Brina, or are they only good enough for the people you attack?

We challenge that in fact Brina is projecting his own corrupt disgusting behaviour towards others, maybe it makes him feel better about what he does. As others have pointed out, he puts his name to it, indeed he does on his own personal pages, it is when he speaks to that audience of tens of thousands between his Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Voice pages that it becomes the problem. Especially when you see the unadulterated venom behind the supposedly innocent posts on those pages.

Brina has never once ever cited any evidence whatsoever of any corruption, wrongdoing or bullying from the people he despises. They apparently stood in his way of his fanciful unrealistic ideas when he was a Councillor and he hated it. Not even anecdotally has he provided any examples of where these Councillors, that are his targets, have behaved in such a way that they deserve his hatred. All the evidence we need against Brina here at Debunking is in his own posts and the constant flow of mail to us about that vile mans behaviour.

You piece all of our content about this man together and you can see the whole hateful agenda he has. Let’s not forget who he associates with, Councillor, Magistrate, Educator Richard Kingstone, and William ‘Bill’ Bryan, who they are both promoting as a candidate on their pages. Would you really want to be associated with Brina when you see him for what he is? Kingstone and co it seems, to coin one of Kingstones’ phrases, are happy to ‘Dance with the Devil’, what price (as many have) will they pay for being in league with him, or worse, if they cross him? Paul Brindley doesn’t and never has followed the principles he preaches.

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