Oh bless his cotton… Oh actually no he wears flip flops with no socks. Not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (who we are still hoping will one day realise he still doesn’t live in Tamworth) is still telling us what we need to spend our tax money on. If this doesn’t show you what a serial fantasist oddball this guy is then there will be plenty more examples. Brindley the Troll wants a Tamworth Train.

He’s also put it on Spotted Tamworth, naturally… Of course he cannot resist an electoral message at the end of the post too, because he’s a sad strange little man. Anyway, what does this remind you of?

Brina seems to think we should have put in a train from the Town Centre to Ventura years ago apparently, and of course a quick dig at his ex Tory colleagues confirms he thinks they’re absolutely responsible for it not happening. We would love to have seen Brina try and get the money together for that. Stourbridge Town Branch Line Railway was opened in 1879, a time when there were probably little (other than maybe a cow) logistical issues, cost, or even health and safety for that matter to hinder building it (stopping people dying means we can’t have nice things, shucks). We couldn’t find out how much it cost to build at the time of writing, but a proposed comparable stretch in 2012 would have cost at least £5m at pre pandemic prices, so you could probably double that and add a bit for luck today. Tamworth was lucky to get £21m from the Future High Street Fund just to redevelop just one section of the town. So yeah Brina, let’s build your Trainset.

Needless to say, the people of Tamworth were not amused.

Dear Darren, you can look at dropping the rents all you like mate but we think the private landlords who own most of the shops would have something to say. You could always move out, maybe? Please?
Oh Richard Hill, Councillors aren’t on six figures you Muppet. All of the council employees other than the CEO aren’t either.
Ah yes Stacey, the council have ‘allowed’ it to become a ghost town. She must live somewhere else.

Even Councillor Thomas Jay the Leader of the council had a go back, speaking to whichever personality was speaking in Brina’s head today given he has a proclivity for saying ‘we’.

Oh would you look at that, roasting the council leadership one minute and toadying up to them the next. Makes you wretch. He’s surely got whiplash now.

Brina evidently lives in a fantasy Cuckoo land where he actually believes this stuff is possible for a small town like Tamworth to pay for in this day and age. It’s one thing to build something like this, another to spend money on maintenance and running costs every year. As someone sagely pointed out in the comments above, you would not like that added to your council tax bill. Interestingly the scheme Brina refers to with Statfold we believe actually involved a bus, not a train.

We understand that having to bat these kind of harebrained ideas away was the reason Brina fell out with the council leadership in charge at the time. Now from just this post alone, you can see the evidence of a man who clearly does not inhabit the real world. Can you imagine if Brina had been in charge of anything at the council…

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