Morons, morons everywhere. It seems the group that are desperately trying to smear a local businessman, a Mr Singh for daring to build on agricultural land adjacent to Warwickshire Moor are having yet another meeting of their KKK group this evening. On valentines day of all days (probably says more than we could possibly come up with about them to be honest). These goons are still convinced that the building should not have gone up, and that the track built to access it has somehow destroyed a beauty spot. It really hasn’t, it’s not beautiful, it’s next to a railway line and it’s a muddy field. Whatever damage there was whilst building the track will recover. Go down there and take a look for yourself, you will wonder what all the fuss is about.

Aside from the fact that Victoria Dickenson (who hangs around with Major Conspiracy Ron Brown, on the Tamworth Examiner clown factory Facebook group) has hilariously posted an image advertising their meeting, with the link to their oscar winning video in the image, so you can’t click it. What was she expecting it to do? It’s an image love, you could only out do your stupidity by printing posters of it and sticking it up. You’d probably actually get a good proportion of people tapping the link on the paper wondering why something wasn’t happening.

She also states ‘to help us get answers from the council’. Well they tried that, and a contingent from the Tamworth Examiner clown show attended a recent meeting of the council to ask questions about this, only between them they just couldn’t put a decent question together. Now presumably they are going to be meeting again tonight to see if their sparse collective brain cells can come up with some more wonders that the Council will have to sit through. They’re certainly not going to get answers from ‘the council’ at this meeting. At best they might get the useless handwringing Councillor John Harper there telling them that “it’s terrible, it’s wrong, it must not happen again” which we’ve heard he is fond of saying (before he presided over knocking down Goostrys). Side note, apparently according to a local female Tory Blabbermouth, Harper isn’t standing for Council again, you may be relieved to hear.

It actually sounds like it could be quite an evening tonight, just for the comedy value. Debunking might just attend to see what happens. Maybe see you there?

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