We aren’t quite bored yet, this is good sport. Major Conspiracy Ron Brown and Co had their meeting last night to discuss ‘their’ precious bridleway and the apparent ‘devestation’ of Warwickshire Moor. Fun part as usual is that Ron never presents any actual evidence of his claims. Whereas we find evidence to refute them fairly quickly, but Ron loves a good conspiracy doesn’t he. Ron showed the sequel to his first Moors video last night complete with sound effects to make you cringe so much the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Ron has asked for the video to be shared far and wide, so here it is for your dilection (please please watch it, it is worth it):

What a masterpiece! Have you recovered yet? We actually had the music stuck in our head for a bit, although Ron tends to have that effect on people along with a curious numbness.

As you will see above on Staffordshire County Council’s own map, Ron’s assertion that the Gate and Bollards he shows in his video are on the bridleway, they are not. They are on what is called a BOAT, which is the orange bit of Moor Lane (link is to the Open Spaces Society with whom Ron may argue with if he likes but we are fairly sure they will win). “Byways open to all traffic (BOATs) are open to all classes of traffic including motor vehicles”. Tamworth Borough Council is not even responsible for any of the bridleways in Tamworth, Staffordshire County Council are, so Ron and his clown factory aka the Tamworth Examiner facebook group are barking up the wrong tree as usual anyway. It is possibly even not legal for the Council to obstruct access with a gate where it is, and it certainly isn’t their responsibility to maintain a gate and bollards there. The actual bridleway starts under the railway bridge, and Ron hasn’t bothered to find out if the landowner they are pursuing (in a totally none racist way of course) has legal authority to drive on the bridleway to his own land (is that unlikely?). The concrete block Ron finds so hilarious, is on a footpath to prevent illegal incursion by travellers on to Bolehall playing field, the gates were repeatedly sawn off by residents.

All of this of course, is moot because the Warwickshire Moor and the Nature reserve that this moron (a grown ass man lets not forget, who uses childish GIF’s on every post he makes) is complaining of being destroyed, is very much out of the way of the land he is complaining about. Mr Singh’s private land is on the very right and is not part of the Moor or Nature reserve, the single track next to the very ‘scenic’ railway mound leading up to the land is hardly destruction. Ron and his goons are too stupid to understand any of this. We know the reason he continues though, and the racist bigot will keep on about it we have no doubt. Although we have probably said all we are going to on the subject, unless he does something else we find entertaining of course.

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