Councillor Richard Kingstone JP, NOB, the gaslight master of Tamworth is concerned. He is concerned because all of a sudden, handily around election time, he has remembered there was a bench that should have been put in to honour Tamworth’s fallen. Oddly, it seems the bench was designated to be placed on a new housing estate, which is hardly a fitting tribute to our heroic soldiers as it is. He has also for innocent reasons we are sure, tried to throw a colleague in his ward under the bus, by linking them to a Director of the house builder that was meant to be putting it in. How strange all this comes to mind for Kingstone hey? We know that his fellow ward Councillors are Lee Clarke and Andrew Cooper (Hi Andy!). As we all know from having wads of leaflets shoved through our door, Cooper was a soldier in the Mercian regiment. So we are going to take a really wild guess and say it is him Kingstone is referring to. Kingstone the devious bugger, will no doubt expect his sycophantic followers to make the link.

Quite why Kingstone needs people to find out whether a bench has been put in place when he is quite happy to go out of his way to take pictures of missing barriers he claims will cause squished kids, is beyond us. It all stinks of very underhanded electioneering, at the expense of the memory of Coopers’ (who is up for election this year) colleagues. We also wonder what Kingstone, being a Councillor himself has done about this in the last 4 years rather just wait until an opportune moment to make a Facebook post on it. Evidently nothing at all. This vile man knows no bounds when it comes to his own publicity and this year so far his attacks have started out subtle. He is hoping you won’t notice, but if you did happen to, because of this website, then what a shame.

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