Gaslighting Liar Councillor Richard Kingstone has it appears taken a leaf out of his pal the not so local troll’s book. He’s posted what appears to be a Masonic produced graphic (square and compass with a G logo) The irony of Kingstone preaching kindness and not being cold and unkind is not lost on us, but will naturally not register with the people who follow him. Kingstone doesn’t meet his own standards, he doesn’t meet the standards of Freemasonry (which make you wonder what kind of organisation that is to keep him within it) or the standards of public life to be a councillor, a teacher or a magistrate either. It doesn’t stop his vile attempts to denigrate and sneer at people who he doesn’t like. Talking about just that subject, we wonder whether Kingstone will give credit where credit is due to Councillor Rob Pritchard for this:

We said we would defend Councillor Pritchard, since Kingstone is doing his level best to get his best mate Bill Bryan elected to Robs seat in May, which would leave Spital with a hard working experienced Councillor replaced by a complete moron who works as a family business consultant despite destroying his own families 70 year old theme park. Kingstone then wants to move on to taking Pritchards County seat in 2025. You’re more likely to see Kingstone taking credit for the work Pritchard has announced above than sharing it and acknowledging it. He stopped doing that long ago and can’t stand the idea of giving credit where credit is due, especially when he has a vested financial interest in getting Pritchard out.

Kingstone is normally hot on sharing information about his ward, especially when it comes to complaining about roads. The silence is deafening. We know Kingstone reads this ‘grubby little blog’ as he once called us, so if he does share it now then we know why. Let’s face it though, Kingstone only wants to acknowledge his own existence in his ward, pretending he has anything to do with any of the work that goes on there. He thrives on attention and adoration. Spital would be better off without this lazy nasty piece of work masquerading as respectable, and his crony Bryan too.

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