Gaslighting egotist Councillor Kingstone doesn’t play by the rules, to him ‘there are no rules’. You might be surprised to know that as usual he’s talking bollocks. Kingstone has made much of there being some kind of rule whereby Councillors aren’t allowed to do certain things that he can because he’s ‘independent’. Which sounds amazing doesn’t it, only there are no rules for anyone on the council about what they can do beyond their constitution and the code of conduct. Kingstone has made much of the fact that he’s a ‘councillor for all of Tamworth’ when all 30 of our Councillors represent all of Tamworth too. He also encourages people to contact him from all over Tamworth, failing to see that the more attention he gives to everyone else, the less attention he can give to his own ward, you know, for the people who went out to the ballot box to elect him.

Kingstone is quite simply a born liar, there is no restriction on any Councillor to only help people within their own wards. From what we’ve found out by talking to Councillors, it is apparently less bureaucratic to handle issues for your own ward residents due to GDPR or somesuch, but it certainly doesn’t stop any of them representing anyone who asks them from anywhere, and we’ve seen examples of that happening as well as shock horror, ward Councillors of different parties working together. We imagine Kingstones colleagues are annoyed at him because he’s constantly telling untruths and trying to unfairly paint them in a bad light whilst he plays superhero. Kingstone is only in it for attention though, and he can say what he likes without consequences whereas at least a party would have kicked him out by now due to the amount of manure he spreads.

Kingstone pretends he is working on ‘projects’ most of which he has no influence or say over, especially school uniforms which other than the school he works at, is very much out of his remit. Beyond sending a few emails asking Council officers to look into the issues he raises above such as trees and flytipping, there is very little he actually has to do. From the way he writes you’d think it was some kind of Herculean effort. Do you really think someone who works full time as a school teacher, a part time councillor and a Magistrate would really be able to take everything he pretends he does on and do a good job of it? If something sounds too much to be true…

Kingstone’s real problem is a bottleneck of people contacting him thinking he can help them, which leads to him posting messages about how ‘busy’ he is. Meanwhile some people resort to asking him on his posts where their reply is:

We know Kingstone actively uses the hide post feature and deleted comments, so don’t expect to see too many. As Kingstones arrogance and lies grow, we can only hope more of his faithful see him for what he really is.

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