Blame blame blame and more blame. The not so local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Liar, Failed Businessman, Failed Councillor, peddler of perverted untruths) has joined in with his Pal Councillor Richard Kingstone in playing the blame game for that natural phenomenon of rivers bursting their banks. He’s even stolen pictures from and tagged in Dr0newerks an aerial photography company who it appears promptly untagged themselves from his post! Naturally Brina has put this on another of his propaganda pages, Spotted Tamworth.

He tries to go in moderately, to make it look like he’s being even handed, but he’s failed to live up to the standard of truth by stating there are ‘worsening’ after effects. Anyone who lives in Tamworth knows that what we are currently experiencing is in no way worse to previous floods. As we previously stated, the rivers have not even hit levels from 2007, so any misinformation surrounding lack of investment this or lack of dredging that or the other don’t really ring true do they. This is Brina’s usual, but granted more subtle political messaging pushing his own agenda and criticising, even though he lives miles away. We do wonder if he would have held back as much as he has if his best pal wasn’t in charge of the Council now.

If you take a look at the aerial pictures (we aren’t going to steal them from a small business for our content) then you might notice that the flooding is in the usual places it floods, and strangely enough there’s not normally drains in a field. Anyone would think the big man upstairs was going to call for the Ark to be taken out of mothballs the way Kingstone and the Troll speak. What next, a plague of locusts that incompetent ‘not fit for role’ Tory Councillors secretly bred and unleashed on the Tamworth population? Buckle up folks, this is just their warm up.

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