Not So local Leicestershire Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, Failed Councillor, Coward, Bully, Hate Merchant, Liar) is apparently now against something he practices on a regular basis. That’s right, Brina doesn’t like it when people abuse others from the sidelines. This from the man who abuses Councillors and Tamworth Council on an almost daily basis when he gets into his stride, especially during elections where he’s happy to even lie to push his agenda.

Brindley has all the answers and expertise to answer all of Tamworths’ problems and future needs of course. It’s why he’s not on the council anymore, Councillors and officers just couldn’t take his enlightened mind and insight any longer and he just had to quit because he was so misunderstood. Now from his under bridge abode in Leicestershire, he obsesses over any decision made in Tamworth, even being unable to keep his nose out of planning applications now it seems. Try practicing what you preach Brina.

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