Councillor Richard Kingstone, recently resigned from the planning committee on Tamworth Borough Council. This prevents him from having a vote any longer on key planning decisions, and also gives his opinions as much weight and time to voice them as a member of the public has, rather than the full force of everyone he represents and as much time as he wanted as a member of the committee.

He pretended he had quit due to the whole Goostrygate saga and feigned his being upset at the whole concept of a planning committee if buildings were just going to get knocked down. In true Kingstone style he ran away from the problem rather than face it head on, pretending to his Facebook flock that he would be able to make ‘more noise’ about applications. Which is certainly correct, it is just noise. No doubt he was concerned about being tied to the decision to knock a heritage building down to maintain his carefully faked reputation. He’s certainly not #standingupfortamworth when he has no ability or in fact inclination to do so. He just wants you to think he has.

Also let’s just touch on the Police station decision he mentions at the end shall we. Because Councillor Kingstone must forget or rather hopes that the public forget they can see decisions made if they so wish. It was an application to transform the police station into apartments. Kingstone is quite happy to lie as usual it seems and state the reason for it being refused was due to lack of car parking spaces. If you’d care to visit here dear Reader you will see in fact there were several reasons.

  1. Shortfall in parking spaces
  2. Shortfall in internal space standards of some of the apartments
  3. Shortfall of open space and outside areas
  4. Compliance of housing mix not meeting standards

So Kingstone resigns from the committee, has the audacity to complain when they unanimously agree, do their job that he gave up, then lies about why the application was refused. Not to mention being annoyed that presumably the planning committee did not think it was a good idea to approve apartments that must have been the size of rabbit hutches. Has he no shame? Well we at Debunking know the answer to that one.

Our not so local Troll and Kingstones’ pal even commented on the post. Of course Brina has no concept of anyone else’s opinion but his own, and no-one can be correct but he. Everyone is not fit for role and they’re clueless is the drum he keeps banging. Notice how his rants completely lack substance, not to mention the answers he alone supposedly has.

As for this request by Kingstone to comment and let him ‘get a feel’ for how people think. We wouldn’t waste your breath. It’s meaningless, he won’t do anything with it and it won’t matter. That’s why he tells you to contact the planning team, where your opinion actually would go on the record. But he’s not going to tell you that. Let’s also note that Kingstone says “Do you agree with me” as if he’s the only one who thinks the roads need sorting out before they build on this site. It’s fairly obvious to anyone with a clue, and other Councillors one he particularly hates (we won’t mention him again today for fear of giving him a complex) have been voicing this for ages. Kingstone yet again has delusions of self importance as if he can affect anything, especially when he forever #runsawayfromresponsibility.

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