Major Misinformation Ron Brown (should it really be Major Conspiracy?) has decided that the college has slipped their planning application for 123 new homes on their current Upper Gungate site in before Christmas in a big conspiracy to make sure residents don’t notice it. It’s a conspiracy between big education, big housebuilding and big council of course. The delicious irony about this is that ever vigilant Ron only noticed the application because the councillor he spends a considerable amount of time berating on his idiot warehouse Tamworth Examiner page, pointed it out on his Facebook page.

Councillor Pritchard is appearing on these pages quite often recently. Anyone would think he runs it, and we’ve heard quite a few theories on that and it’s certainly up there with the best, (Hi Rob, staff meeting tomorrow don’t forget).

We digress. Ron Brown of course forgets something rather important about this whole conspiracy business, and that’s the fact that people take time off to relax from their every day lives over Christmas, aren’t as distracted, and gosh they might even have time if they are so inclined to see and comment on a planning application. All whilst they’re wolfing down the rest of the Turkey, whilst their children look on at the food longingly wishing they could have some to settle their hungry stomachs…. Only us? Ah Christmas memories.

Lets not also forget that a consultation was run before the planning application was put in, and was publicised in August of this year no less. How dare they try and hide this from us the residents! Sneaky buggers! We wonder if Ron and his minions commented.

Examiner Minion Lisa Aucote weighs in with a thought she had that she thinks is true, before conceding that she of course doesn’t in fact have a clue at all.

Examiner Chief Deputy Minion Mark Hopkins weighs in with a ‘no shit Sherlock’ moment.

Now it’s not beyond anyone’s wit to understand that an educational establishment might want to liquidate some of its valuable assets (i.e inefficiently used land) to raise funds, and that it is more than likely at least one of the reasons. The college are apparently happy with joining a scheme in the town centre that gives them a decent central location and helps bring more footfall into the town centre (in theory). Of course, so far as Hopkins is concerned no doubt, everyone’s (big council, big education) lining their pockets slapping eachothers backs. It’s not like the plans and reasons have been doing the rounds for a few years now is it.

We can only wonder what Hopkins and Brown’s holier than thou worlds look like, and how much anguish there is for people like them who must go around clutching their pearls muttering. How distrustful of everyone and everything they are in their world of conspiracy. Ron repeats his AI generated debunked claims about Tamworth Borough Councils’ Auditors that in fact have nothing at all to do with a planning application. The hilarity that Ron believes everything a robot tells him rather than real life facts is not lost on us. He also continues banging on about a £28million ‘shortfall’ that he insists our council has, yet never seems to provide any evidence of. Strange that.


In response to this rant. Yes you do ruffle our feathers Ron, quite frankly because you’re a moron who has no clue what you’re talking about. You lie for a hobby. The fact that people like you walk amongst us scares us immensely.

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