Master of deception and diversion Councillor Richard Kingstone, made much of an email he received regarding the situation in Gaza yesterday. Kingstone appeared to make out an email he received, requesting he jointly sign a letter to Rishi Sunak calling for a ceasefire, was to him only. We understand that it was sent to all Councillors in Tamworth as well as across the Country.

Kingstone appears to think that local Councillors have anything to offer or achieve on a national scale, rather than concentrate on matters occuring in his own backyard. We are just glad Kingstone has nothing to do with global affairs just as much as we are glad he has no responsibility for anything in Tamworth when he isn’t running away from what roles he does have.

Of course the cynical buggers running Debunking have a different view on why he posted this. At worst we think Kingstone might just be trying his best to divert attention from his role in the current situation with the former Goostry’s shop in the town centre, which was reduced to a pile of bricks recently. Kingstone who has made much of #standingupfortamworth was on the planning committee until he resigned from it in mock horror at the situation, taking himself away from any chance of having a vote on any future developments. Kingstone says he will be able to make more ‘noise’ about it, which is certainly true, it will indeed just be noise, rather than the influence and vote he could have had. At worst, sadly this could be just Richard playing the populist card once again, and pretending to be the moral compass of the town, when he is in fact just attention seeking. At the very worst, it could be both. No matter what it is, most of his devotees on Facebook lap all this up with no questions asked, those that do get their comments deleted. We wonder who he took lessons from. (Hi Brina!).

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