Its oh so quiet, so very quiet. Since it was reported that the Borough Council had gone ahead and obliterated one of the last remaining historic buildings in Tamworth, not another peep has been heard from Tamworth’s leadership and those who purport to be #standingupfortamworth (we presume Kingstone can’t have meant walls) and guardians of our history. We’ve had a look around and can’t find a single thing, the dust is settling on this news just like it is in Market Street, in the hole where the former Goostrys, and later Peel Café were. Debunking Tamworth hasn’t even heard any leaks. Everyone’s mouths are firmly shut, and presumably their backsides are tightly clenched too.

So, Councillors Paul Turner, Thomas Jay, John Harper, Tina Clements, Richard Kingstone, this happened on all of your watch, everyone apart from Clements made noise about how things were going to be amazing and transparent and things were brightening up for Tamworth with a new Leadership. Kingstone has done his usual and run away from the problem by ‘nobly’ quitting the planning committee so he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore. All the while having been responsible for keeping the new Tory leadership in power despite pretending otherwise.

Apparently no-one is at the controls steering this ship anymore and they’ve let it smash a ruddy great hole in our history. Whose head is going to roll for this one, because this travesty most definitely should have consequences.

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