From under his bridge in Leicestershire, not so local Troll 🧌 Paul Brina Brindley (Liar, failed businessman, hate merchant, misinformation merchant, failed Councillor, emoji specially for him since he’s obsessed with them) has questioned whether Tamworth Borough Council should fund litter picker groups. Now if he’d remembered any of his brief unproductive time on the Council he’d have known that the Council both fund and equip litter picking groups to pick up after dirty disgusting people who drop litter whilst obliviously going about their daily lives. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund people picking up litter in the first place, but let’s face it, there’s so much of it sometimes that an army of paid staff would struggle. Of course that would also mean an increase in tax that no-one would pay, which is quite often the case for most things the council ‘don’t do’ that some bang the drum about. It seems Brina quickly got to work deleting comments he didn’t agree with suggesting that it wasn’t the councils fault like this poor ladies innocent comment:

If you happen to notice that the comment count doesn’t match the actual number of comments on a Facebook post, it’s because Trolls like Brina have deleted the comments that don’t agree with what they say. This lady was determined to have her say though and posted the comment again as a reply. And it seems then Brina gave up.

Brina really really hates it when people don’t conform with his world view and join him in heckling the council and his ex colleagues he now hates with a passion. We have an idea for you Brina, why don’t you stick your hands in your pockets from your vast business empire (that some have alleged to us you’re not paying your HMRC dues on you allegedly naughty boy) and fund this group yourself, or set up a gofundme for them with your apparently wide influence. Or how about you crawl back under your bridge and keep your nose out?

It seems even Brina admits defeat sometimes, as he is so desperate for an audience he won’t delete too many comments for fear of losing it. It also shows thankfully that there are some sensible and realistic people in Tamworth, go you guys!

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