Great News! Crows our Great Pretender Councillor Richard Kingstone. A controversial development on Browns Lane on land in Lichfield has been refused. A development that if you were to believe him, he has been fighting since it was first proposed. Not only that, Kingstone has had the audacity to give the impression via his posts that new member of the Council Gareth Coates has been doing the legwork to try and oppose this application too. Only the truth, is of course somewhat different. Both Kingstone and Coates have done a sum total of absolutely nothing to fight this application, that’s right, zilch, nada. They’ve whipped up people on Facebook, taken plenty of credit for fighting the good fight, when in fact they’ve done nothing of the sort.

As you can see, Kingstone was #stayingathomefortamworth tonight watching the planning meeting live stream instead of being there #standingupfortamworth as he so often triumphantly proclaims. Despite his followers saying he should be there.

Not only do Kingstones sycophantic followers believe he’s the only one who has been doing anything about this application, some of them believe that the other Councillor in the ward Councillor Robert Pritchard is “useless”. Well that’s rather interesting news to Debunking, since Councillor Pritchard was the only Councillor present at the meeting tonight from Tamworth to speak against the application. Kingstone stated he apparently could not speak due to ‘the rules’, which whilst true they have such a rule that prevents more than one objector speaking, we actually think Kingstone got in there too late to request to speak. Pritchard we understand asked last year (before the application was abruptly pulled on the night it was due) and Kingstone didn’t lift a finger then either. And there’s more. Councillor Pritchard was (so far as we can see going through the documents) the only Councillor to send in a formal objection letter against the application. Go and have a look at the planning application right here and feel free to contact us and tell us if we’ve got that wrong, we will set the record straight. We know that Councillor Pritchard from our research has been fighting this application since it was first put on the radar in 2018.

Kingstone has gaslighted his followers for so long that even other members of the Council think he had anything to do with the applications refusal.

Unfortunately, this shows the type of people that somehow have the right to vote, without the slightest clue of who they are voting for beyond some meaningless words on a Facebook page. It’s also the reason this site exists! Kingstone never had any intention of being at the planning meeting or ever actually doing any work to fight it, any more than pretending he was going to stand for MP.

Let’s not forget that Kingstone has recently stood down from the planning committee on Tamworth Borough Council so that he can run away from the controversy rather than have a voice and more importantly a vote (remind us what was he elected for again?). Councillor Gareth Coates (who has apparently according to Kingstones’ loyal flock, done so much work against this application) has gone one better and predetermined himself on the application so he will have to now declare an interest when part of this same application comes to our councils planning committee. He won’t get a vote either.

This is actually quite a farce at this point, wouldn’t you agree?

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