Paul Brina Goebbells Brindley the dirty low down Leicester toxic troll started what we thought was an introspective into his personality this evening. Unfortunately it was just another rant about the Tories. Sigh. Anyway, he regurgitated a post about this site which he reads regularly (we actually blocked his home broadband so he has to use his phone data now, and by George we were surprised to find he actually does use a VPN occasionally too, he just doesn’t really understand how it all works bless him (Hi Brina!). Don’t worry readers, we only spent the time tracking him down, your visits are safe with us.

In the post he recounted the time Councillor Andrew Cooper (Hi Andy!) started a Facebook Group called Debunking Tamworth just over a year ago now. We pinched the image he used (we got told it was nicked from a breastfeeding website, naughty Andy). The rest as they say is history. A big hello to all the readers out there who are here because of the hateful troll! Thanks for your support folks, you make what we do worth it.

We’ve been poking the troll for over a year now and we feel rather satisfied with our work. We can only hope we’ve caused him as much misery as he has to people he’s targeted, libelled, bullied, owes money to, businesses he’s screwed over, or employees he’s sexually harassed over the years.

And the Tories are apparently the toxic ones. PS: What on earth does #Rebunked mean?

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