It seems Labour have had their eye off the ball in one of their homelands, the Ward of Glascote. Currently represented by none other than their Deputy Labour Leader Councillor Chris Bain, Debunking wonders where he was when these residents needed help, and why it takes one of their candidates to ‘help’ them. Apparently whatever it was she ‘helped’ them with was enough to make Helen Hadley sad and Angry, though she didn’t appear to be sad and Angry with her colleague Bain who surely would have been aware of such goings on and dealt with it for the residents.

Strangely enough there’s an election on and these completely unspecified and vague ‘problems’ are coming out of the woodwork. Glascote has two other Councillors, Wade and Wadrup, the latter formerly part of the Labour group until she quit and exposed them for what they are. Undoubtedly though she is listed as an Independent, she is most certainly Labour at heart. Wade is an Independent, having once been a Tory, but never initially quite understood why he was elected or what he was doing.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough BS for one post, take a look at this

Shocked and run down conditions you say Helen? The bloke who could have dealt with all of that is stood next to you having a selfie. But haven’t you dear Reader heard? It’s a ‘forgotten estate’ and if you watch the State of the Borough Council Meeting tonight, you will likely hear this rhetoric repeated by almost every one of them. It’s like the Labour party are trying to get their act together, completely forgetting they represent the areas that get fly tipped like this, and let’s be honest, it’s their voters doing the fly tipping wherever it happens in Tamworth (go on do try and tell us we are wrong).

Quite why the tax payer should have to fork out for scum who litter their area and flytip is beyond us at Debunking, but this is your typical Labour thinking. Let’s reward those who commit these crimes by taking their rubbish away for them. Meanwhile the Tories are dotting cameras about to catch the swines in the act and fine them accordingly. Big difference in thinking there isn’t there.

It’s the nasty Tories fault of course that people drop crap all over their living areas, and if they aren’t blaming the Tories, are they criticising and blaming the staff of the Council for not going and hurriedly disappearing their residents tipped rubbish? The Labour party treat their mostly layabout voters very much like hamsters, feed them well with lies, make sure their every need is met and clean out their shit for them. We feel sorry for the decent residents who have to put up with these Councillors, who in actual fact, appear to do nothing for them.

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