Seemingly having moved on from sharing her lunch with her faithful in Sarah’s very own eat out to help out (my election chances) campaign. MP for Moseley North Sarah Edwards was passing through Tamworth recently possibly wondering where her next photo op would come from. Conveniently she happened to puncture a tyre and managed to get to a tyre shop handily called ‘Tamworth Tyres’ for that extra Tamworth algorithm hit on Facebook and have them sort it out for her. Naturally this being Sarah she lined up the company workforce outside for the obligatory picture, no doubt telling them how wonderful this promotion would be for their business.

Apparently Edwards is more influencer than MP since she took office, apparently she can’t even get a tyre changed without making a big deal of it now. We haven’t actually looked, because we can’t be bothered, but we wouldn’t be surprised if there was someone in the comments thanking her for promoting local businesses. We wonder what the folks at Tamworth Tyres thought of her visit, they certainly look star struck.

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