So the Labour party in Tamworth have wheeled out Ken Norchi to fight another day, announcing him as their Bolehall candidate for the May 2024 local elections. We actually hate doing this because as we’ve described him before, he’s a local legend, we’ve met him and he’s a really nice man and he made a fantastic Mayor when the Tamworth Tories chose him to fill that role having never given it to another party in their history (that we know of) or since. However, and this is a big however, can you really have a man that falls for an online scam, loses money and their car to a woman pretending they need his cash to unlock a £23m fortune, representing the people of Tamworth?

You can read it on the Torygraph here and you might have to pay to do that sadly. We at Debunking constantly bemoan the lack of critical thinking skills and education amongst the Tamworth population and the world in general. This is exasperated by the likes of Facebook where these people with wild ideas and conspiracies connect to eachother, share their delusions with real world consequences, as we saw with anti-vax people during the pandemic. So is it right to have a person who couldn’t see the obvious scam he was falling for, exercising his flawed judgement making decisions for the people of Tamworth, in Council in his role as a Councillor. Unfortunately we think not.

The Labour party are desperate for decent Councillors, and people in general to stand. Even the Tories are making questionable decisions about their candidates due to a drought affecting both parties. Norchi retired some years ago, but we suspect he would easily win the Labour leaning Bolehall seat where he previously stood, because his reputation as a good honest man precedes him. Once in, we are led to believe he will be made Mayor of the Town once again by the controlling Labour group.

Whilst we have the utmost respect for Ken Norchi here at Debunking, we feel it would be remiss of us to ignore this obvious flaw in him when it comes to having him in positions of leadership or authority. Tamworth should strive for better in their elected representatives. We think Ken would have been best left to his retirement, and we aren’t quite sure he fits in with the current inept shower in charge of the group he would join.

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