The brass neck on this one eh? Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, Failed Councillor, Liar, Hate Merchant, purveyor of poop), Leicestershire Troll needs to look up irony in the dictionary. This man has social media presences that carry his malignant messages to thousands of people in Tamworth. He along with our local gaslighting Justice of the Peace and Councillor, Richard Kingstone, team up at election time especially, to bullshit their followers for their own agenda. This rancid troll removes any comments from his Spotted Tamworth, Tamworth Voice, and the page pictured above, Facebook pages if they don’t agree with him. He will block anyone who persistently disagrees with him. He quite literally runs his own echo chambers with an iron fist. The man unfortunately believes his own hype, and that his opinion is king.

We at Debunking think Brindley should take the advice of the ‘wise man’ before preaching it.

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