Major Conspiracy Ron Brown of Tamworth Examiner has been off on another bizarre rant again, this time because the council dared to post some health information and suggestions from the NHS on their Facebook page. Ron is evidently one of those people who doesn’t think council tax should be spent on anything other than those services he particularly needs and relies on. Ron also somehow believes this is the council ‘grooming’ residents in a bid to control every aspect of their lives. Wow. It’s just some health suggestions Ron, don’t have a coranary (oops now we’re doing it, as you were Ron). Naturally since Facebook is where Ron is spending the majority of his retirement, this is the only part of this departments’ work that he sees. He’s written an entire department off because he doesn’t like what they post on Facebook. He doesn’t even know how many people work in it we’re guessing, the ‘department’ could be one person for all he knows.

Ron then goes on to make the unsubstantiated claim (whats new) that the Council is apparently ‘too cash strapped’ to clear black mould from tenants’ houses whilst simultaneously admitting he doesn’t know how many tenants are suffering with it. He of course doesn’t evidence his claim showing that anyone has a problem at all. Ron apparently is the leading authority on black mould, forgetting that it’s often caused through people keeping their windows shut most of the time, especially when cooking or using the bath or a shower. Just common sense Ron, and we’d personally be annoyed at tax payers money being spent having contractors go out and deal with problems like this caused by tenants constantly.

We’d suggest to Ron that he moves to a remote island somewhere where he can rule over it with an iron fist, and perhaps see if he can persuade his moronic Minions to go with him. We at Debunking would pay good money (part funded from the 9p we’ve currently earned from our Amazon links we’re trialling on the site) to see a reality show based on that.

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