If there’s anything we at Debunking cannot abide, it’s people supposedly on polar opposite sides of the political spectrum suddenly deciding they should be on the other. Labour candidate for Castle Ward in May ’24 Natalie Statham has been outed by Councillor Tina Clements as a former Tory Councillor wannabe.

As we can’t find any record of her having actually stood for the Tories in any election, we can only summise that Statham didn’t get selected by them for a seat. According to a source who contacted us recently, Statham was brought into the Tory party by Lichfield and Fazeley Councillor and Tamworth panto dame Councillor Alex Farrell, so it can’t have been too long ago.

Whilst the Tories aren’t short of people who are Labour turncoats, it seems Statham decided to switch teams fairly quickly when it became clear the Tories were on a downwards trend. Now she’s standing preaching to the Labour faithful as their candidate. It’s almost as if she just wants to be elected and feel important for her own gain. Of course, she’s likely to be elected in May, so she’ll be quite pleased no doubt that jumping the Tory ship has paid off for her.

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