Sarah Edwards MP for Moseley North has officially made us run out of headlines to document her blunders. It also seems Sarah can’t have anything to eat in Tamworth (she goes a long way out for dinner, can she claim it on expenses?) without making sure you see where she went. This time she’s patronised (read that word either way it works for you) Christopher’s Restaurant in Gungate.

Unfortunately for Sarah she can’t even get the names of the people who own the restaurant right, as had to be pointed out to her by the owners daughter the aforementioned Sarah.

The clues in the name Sarah ‘Christophers Restaurant’ repeat ‘Christophers’, you know, the guy you stood next to. It’s literally his name on his restaurant.

Apparently our intrepid Labour group had communications training at the weekend, because someone’s realised they need it since only a couple of them are capable of speaking like regular human beings to the people they represent. We wonder if Edwards attended, because if she didn’t, she should have, because it seems Councillor Chris Bain had it all covered.

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