This man is the epitome of the Grinch, unfortunately this Grinch is unlikely to have a sudden change of heart on Christmas day and will continue to spread his putrid hate to anyone who will listen. We are of course talking about Major Conspiracy Ron Brown (yes after a long meeting that should have been an email, we decided to change it).

Now we’ve taken the Mickey out of Ron plenty of times for his wild conspiracies, his diatribes based on made up ‘facts’ from AI chat bots that he believes are true with no question (spoiler, AI chat bots notoriously make things up, which make them good company for Ron we suppose) amongst other things. But there’s a really quite vile and nasty side to Ron that rivals even a certain not so local Troll who often graces these pages. Take a look at this.

Ron personally singles out this Councillor on his idiot Factory Tamworth Examiner page every opportunity he gets, the fact that he can share the posts though shows perhaps Rob Pritchard isn’t bothered enough to block him from sharing them. We have no idea what Pritchard is meant to have done to this guy to deserve such attention, although he has appeared on this site enough for people to theorise he runs it! Given Ron’s proclivity towards misinformation and conspiracy we can’t imagine there’s actually anything this Councillor has done that warrants the kind of nastiness that Ron spews out towards him.

Ron, you’re a grown adult, retired, you spend your days in your office on your computer cooking up half baked conspiracy theories on Facebook and getting into the business of people you live nowhere near. We think you need to have a long hard look at yourself this Christmas Ron and ask yourself why you are such a bitter and twisted man and cheer on others to be the same. No doubt though, you will think this is a badge of honour.

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