Welcome to a new year and Happy 2024 to our readers. We are back for another year of exposing complete idiots, morons, gaslighters and peddlers of misinformation. What better way to start the year than put this complete moron Major Conspiracy Ron Brown in his place. He’s obviously not yet learned to use Google, or ask questions of people who know the answers. It seems 2024 will be full of Ron being full of it and pushing his ridiculous conspiracy theories and presenting them as fact. Yet the man still has 165 or so people apparently hanging on to his every word (or rather we’d hope observing the car crash that is his page) encouraging him.

Now the general rule with the best clickbait headlines is, if there’s a question mark at the end of the headline, then the answer to it is a resounding no. This is no exception. Tamworth Borough Council is not witholding it’s audited accounts. The financial year for 2023 is not yet over, so they’re simply not ready and they are in draft (PDF). As you will see from this page and if you click on the link for 2022’s accounts, you will see the audited accounts for the last year that were published in March 2023. So it stands to reason the 2023 audited accounts will be published in March 2024. It’s not really that hard to follow unless you’re Ron Brown we guess and your brain power is limited to making stuff up for things you don’t or don’t want to understand. Generally this stuff we understand is boring for people and they won’t go looking, what they will see though is someone making an none factual incendiary statement, and likely believe it. The article that is linked to has nothing to do with Tamworth, and Tamworth Council has never been anywhere near the position that the referenced councils find themselves in. Hardly mismanaged as alleged.

Let’s not forget that Ron at any time could contact his local Councillor that covers Perrycrofts where he lives, contact the council, put in a freedom of information request, ask questions at any full council or Cabinet meeting as he has done before. Instead he chooses to make up lies or wild conspiracies, with his just as moronic followers Lisa Aucote and Mark Hopkins cheering him on and agreeing, because their world view comes from just Ron. How sad. Ron has actually accused this page of being ‘broadcast only’ expecting people to believe what we say, which readers will know is far from the truth (surprise). He believes his page is a hive of engagement where information is exchanged. Where we’ve only seen Ron shut down any opposing views to his as ‘claptrap’ and warning people off having a different opinion. If you search for the word ‘claptrap’ on the Tamworth Examiner page, you will note it is used quite a bit.

We are absolutely sure that 2024 will see more of this kind of behaviour from our usual trolling and gaslighting cast of characters (Hi Brina!, Hi Kingstone!). We shall be here to unpick the utter crud they spout in the hope that more people learn to challenge and think for themselves.

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