On our very extensive grapevine, Debunking has heard that the Labour party in Tamworth have run out of candidates to stand in next years Council elections in May. Labour having almost swept the board in May with several paper candidates, (including Liam Bone who apparently wasn’t expecting to win, and then grabbing the Amington seat in a by election caused by him quitting), it seems they’ve got no-one left in their stagnant pool of ‘talent’ to run. They’ve also had a high profile Councillor, Janice Wadrup, who was marginalised and pushed out of the new group, quit to become independent, and we understand there’s more likely to follow if they have the guts.

So if you fancy joining their mostly weird and not wonderful team you’re likely in with a shot, but they’re so desperate I wouldn’t take it as a complement getting picked if we were you. We would recommend anyone who would like to consider standing for them to go check out their performances on Tamworth Borough Council’s YouTube channel where you will see their top team successfully asking for such important business as getting bins installed in their wards at full meetings of the Council, and their leader Carol Dean giving astounding performances chairing her Infrastructure Safety and Growth committee. Let’s just say they need all the help they can get.

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