This one is actually a reader request, from someone who wondered whether former Councillor Alastair Little would grace these pages, since he’s criticised the Tories so much. Well we don’t like to disappoint, so here you are.

Former Lichfield District Councillor and Tamworth County Councillor Alastair Little has recently appeared in an endorsement video for Tamworth’s Labour Parliamentary candidate Sarah Edwards. Little who quit the Conservatives citing Boris Johnson’s lockdown party scandals as the reason, confirmed he would not be standing in the elections earlier this May 2023.

Little, who’s wife Elizabeth also quit the party when she was not re-selected in her ward the following year in a three way battle for her seat (husbands behaviour to blame maybe?), recently popped up endorsing Sarah Edwards on Facebook. The supposedly once staunch lifelong Conservative is apparently ‘lending’ her his vote to see if she does a good job until next year when the whole country goes to a General election (well that’s it then with Alistair’s vote she’s done it). Little apparently wants to give a fresh person and a fresh pair of eyes a chance to prove themselves. We at Debunking don’t think Tories will need a fresh pair of pants though after seeing Alistair’s about turn into the arms of the Labour Party. According to sources, the attention seeking Little was not missed when he left the Tories having been described as ‘hated’ and ‘arrogant’ by his former colleagues. Given his attendance at just Lichfield District Council being 69% over 4 years, missing 21 meetings, his use to the residents he represented and his colleagues was questionable.

So an endorsement from Little Tantrum, who made his fortune from his business involving big tobacco companies, and inheriting the wealth of former Conservative MEP Philip Bradbourn when he was declared his next of kin, is not really the big flex that Labour had hoped for, since it seems they were quite happy to see the back of him anyway.

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