So it seems the Labour party aided by Paul ‘Brina’ Brindley (Local Troll, Failed Businessman, Failed Tory Councillor, Bully, Liar, missed anything?) on his Tamworth ‘Independent’ Voice Facebook page are punting their new ‘Pothole Patrol’. Now we can’t imagine Sarah Edwards so diligently reports potholes where she lives in Moseley, but apparently wants Tamworth residents to report them via her parties new website. Now, the thing about this is, there’s already an official place to report them, where you actually stand a chance of having it fixed with a follow-up on progress. And you can do it right here on the Staffordshire County Council website.

Now, why would our suddenly pothole focussed Labour candidate want you to report them to her instead? Let’s take a look at that small print shall we?

Yes that’s right, she wants to send you stuff. It’s got nothing to do with potholes whatsoever. The chances of Sarah Edwards getting any potholes fixed any quicker than they are already, when they are sorted into priority order and fixed quite quickly already are next to nothing. She quite simply has zero power as a parliamentary candidate, and won’t even as an MP.

Fact is, you can report your own potholes people of Tamworth, and you don’t have to give any details to a pesky candidate after your vote to do it. Let’s be honest, most people these days can’t be bothered with anything outside of their own front door and wouldn’t even try to report anything like a pothole but will happily still moan about it considerably. There are good Tamworthians out there that do of course and you can see their efforts if you report a pothole as you might see a little flag there to say someone already has.

So people of Tamworth, don’t take advice from dodgy trolls like Paul Brindley on his Facebook page and his new best pal Sarah Edwards. Do it yourself, and stay safe out there online.

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