Tamworths’ newly minted Labour MP Sarah Edwards either chose not to vote, or was completely absent yesterday, on one of the highest profile and important Commons votes of recent times. The Gaza Ceasefire vote tabled by the SNP, saw a rebellion of 56 Labour MPs vote against their party line to call for a ceasefire. Only Sarah didn’t take part, leaving us here at Debunking wondering why. Is Sarah taking a back seat on controversial issues to help her election chances at next year’s general election? Has she been warned to keep away from tricky subjects given her tenuous hold over the Tamworth seat? We know Sarah was there in parliament that day as she voted.

No matter what your view on the situation in Gaza, Sarah Edwards has apparently failed to represent Tamworth in parliament on a key matter of significance. She’s also been conspicuously absent from the Town having packed up her campaign office never to be seen again since. Sarah did make a brief appearance at Tamworths’ Remembrance day event where she was chaperoned by former Labour Councillor Simon Peaple, (who apparently pushed his way into the wreath laying ceremony without any business being there we might add). Has she also packed up her hastily rented flat serving as back up for her false ‘I live in Tamworth’ claim? We suspect Sarah’s gone back to Moseley and Tamworth plays second fiddle to London.

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