In what has got to be the most hilarious exchange we’ve seen recently (we’ve got a low threshold, don’t judge). Independent Futures’ Jason Aston shows how hot on local politics he truly is with this magnificent display of someone incorrectly correcting someone.

This man tried to get himself elected, we are amazed he even manages to tie his shoe laces in the morning. Jason here is incorrectly insisting Councillor Tina Clements is still the chair of the councils planning committee. If he put a bit more effort in to being less of a neanderthal as he does into making spurious and crazed comments all over Facebook, he’d know Clements was somehow announced as a member of Paul ‘Liz’ Turners cabinet at Monday’s Council meeting. This after Turner quit as leader meaning this for her could possibly turn out to be the shortest executive career ever. Jason bless him even refers the possibly bewildered respondent to, of all things, a picture, yes a picture, of a newspaper article referencing Clements as chair of planning to prove his point. Let’s hope Jason doesn’t find an old WWII newspaper in his attic one day as he might still think there’s a war on.

See what we did there, Aston, Ass? Oh you’re no fun.

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