As if you needed any more evidence of lies on these pages. They do keep coming though. As you’ll see below, poor Val Dalton couldn’t get past a tree on her mobility scooter one day ago. Conveniently she references Tamworth Council in her post and naturally Paul Brina Brindley who runs the pages pounces on this supposedly legitimate post by a resident, only to be hoist by his own petard in the comments, where someone has pointed out that the tree has been gone for 2 days now.

It is quite something when Paul Brindley is calling out Councillors for supposedly using fake profiles to get this… troll him and his mates pages, but it’s another when you fake a post about a tree that is already removed from a path to make the object of his hate (Tamworth Conservative Controlled Council) look bad.

Normally comments calling Brina out or pointing out the deceptions are removed fairly swiftly. We shall see if this comment lasts.

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