It is indeed a good day. Local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed businessman, Bully, Coward, Failed Politician, etc etc) has finally unmasked himself on one of his many Facebook pages here

In a shocking act of truth telling, he has finally admitted being behind the pages we knew he was behind, although not admitting to the others such as neglected Tamworth (which we here at Debunking will take a view on). Tamworth Today as we know is run by budding Baby Troll Christopher J Williams, who pipes up in support of Brindley (we shall get to that later). We also are very happy and quite proud to know we can count Brindley amongst one of our many readers (Hi Brina!).

Now there’s a lot to unpack there, not least the fact that a man who doesn’t live in Tamworth and cannot vote here, still finds time to bother local residents on his pages with his political ‘views’ that consist of repetitive hatred towards the Tamworth Conservatives. There’s lots of talk about Councillors being ‘exposed’ and ‘held accountable’ and ‘negative behaviours’ and them not liking it, if you view Brindleys content you will find little evidence of any of that beyond vile bullying rants and disgusting personal attacks. There is also little in the way of engagement on his posts, because lets face it, he goes on like a broken record. We absolutely love that he references our special tag line failed businessman, what we don’t like is that he has screwed over many suppliers and people in the town, owing thousands, in the course of his being a ‘businessman’. Gosh, even Spudman doesn’t like him.

Brindleys ‘platform’ exists to amplify his own concerns and huge ego, and let’s not forget that Tamworth Independent Voice was a Facbook group called ‘Tamworth Informed’ when it was created in 2013, and along with Tamworth Spotted was purchased by Brindley. His audiences are literally bought and paid for (most probably don’t even see his posts in their feeds any longer). Brindley also has the arrogance to suggest that if said Councillors heed his words they ‘might perform better’, this from a man whose words consist of nothing but anger and who could not perform well enough himself on the inside whilst a Councillor to remain as one.

Now we mentioned our budding Baby Troll Christopher J Williams popping up to support his new best bud, here he is in what must be one of the most ill thought out statements of the day.

‘Not sure what they’ll write about now… you’ve taken their super power away’. Hmm well let’s think about that Chris for a moment, are you saying that Daddy Troll Brindley was in fact not transparent enough about his ownership of these pages that now he has outed himself, we have nothing to write about any longer? Let us not forget that we have known about and highlighted Paul Brindley’s ownership of Facebook pages since we started (he is kind of our bread and butter), so having it publically confirmed by him really changes nothing and we shall continue to call him out. As for Jason Aston (we cannot actually be bothered with a name for him yet) if you knew anything about the Council for which you wish to be elected to (lord help us) you would know that no Councillor has an allowance of 30K. (Note: Having met this man once, and seen his own rants on Facebook, I am not very surprised no-one would talk to you.)

So there we have it, although Brina, don’t you think the people who actually follow the pages Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Independent Voice and Tamworth Group, deserve to know who is behind them? Or is that transparency a bit too far for you?

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