True Story Time

Debunking thought we were finished for the night, we had our nightcap and gown on and was settling down in front of the telly box with a cup of cocoa. Then Debunking got a message Debunking had been waiting for, for 6 long months. “Brina’s done a post about Debunking!”. Praise be, for it has finally happened, our moment. Our idol and subject of our dear affection Brina himself has finally spoken of Debunking Tamworth.

Now bless his cotton socks he’s got himself quite worked up hasn’t he. Maybe it was Spudman saying we were his new favourite website (information actually verified). Now we knew Tamworth’s parliamentary candidate Andrew Cooper had set up a Facebook group in our very earliest days and linked to us. In fact we even stole his logo to use on the site. But bless him, Naive Councillor Cooper didn’t know what we would become and soon distanced himself from us, even when we sent him a lovely text message thanking him for his efforts that he never replied to (sad face). It was not removed before good old Local Troll Paul Brina Brindley got his mitts on a few screenshots, which we presume he’s been saving for a moment like this like you’d save a fine wine for a special occasion. Brina’s popped his cork and shot his load now and no doubt feels very satisfied.

We really don’t care to go into all of his post, only to say it makes the bloke look genuinely off his rocker, talking about himself in the third person, and better still saying (information verified) like he’s some kind of bona fide source of information. Gosh bless him he’s even complained to Tamworth Borough Council about Debunking because we’ve hurt his pwecious ickle feewings. Not of course that our illustrious Council can do anything. Might he mention that he has facelessly anonymously fronted a number of Facebook groups even to now that bully harass and try to destroy reputations of people he does not like? Or does he prefer to ignore that small fact because it doesn’t fit his narrative.

Now we are left feeling bewilderment, joy and a sense of pride that we have had our special Local Troll acknowledge our existence. Even if the irony has swept past him that it’s likely nobody on his page had ever heard of us until he told them about us today. We shall leave you with a small indicator of how Debunking is feeling tonight.