In yet another long winded bore fest of a post, Paul Brindley has yet again cast speculation over who runs this site. We know who he thinks runs this site, he thinks those pesky Tories run it. We don’t really know either, the voices in our head tell us to write stuff about you Brina what can we say. Talking of voices in your head, an old post of his came to our attention the other day which might explain things right from the first line:

Now we know the man has a habit of re-posting his own posts and agreeing with himself on his plethora of pages but this one takes the chocolate digestive. Thank you to the person who sent that in for our attention!

Brina also published his leaving letter from the Council. Which we might add caused a by-election and the local authority 20 thousand of your taxpayer pounds because of his tantrum over apparently not getting to be a chair of a committee or being picked to be on Cabinet. Rather than deal with that and influence things from the inside he decided to take the easy way out, quit and start angrily foaming at the mouth about the incompetent toxic Tories and the bad decisions they make (that he was part of). So we will just leave his resignation letter here so that you can see just a little more into the egotistical soul that is Tamworth’s public enemy number one and troll extraordinaire Paul Brina Brindley.

Note that he says he believes he “can have a more positive impact and influence for success of our great town” (which we all know is rather odd to give up the power to make positive change from the inside) then spends the next few years talking Tamworth down, and then moves out of it completely whilst still pouring scorn on those in charge of the town and the Council generally, in what can only be described as an attempt to drag the town’s reputation down to the level his is at within Tamworth. Not great going for a man that loves the town is it. As for the last line, do we really need say anything about that? Too easy.

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