We have a bloke in at HQ today as a precaution having a look at our BUM (Brina Uttercrap Meter) as we were concerned it had not gone off for a few days. It’s quite an expensive and niche bit of kit as you can imagine. We have noticed that Paul Brina Brindley has closed or hidden one of his Facebook pages (Paul Brindley BEM) changed the name of Tamworth Independent Voice to Tamworth Voice (to go with an earlier rebrand) and started sticking to mainstream run of the mill every day posts. We can only presume he’s realised that actually no-one does listen to his propaganda and lies. Or could it be something else? Could it be that we are a few months away from an election season and he’s just taking a break? We suspect that’s more likely the case. Heading towards May there are a number of Tories up for election on the Borough Council who will most certainly lose their seats, and you can be certain Brina will be there to help them along. There’s life in the old troll yet and he won’t want to miss the opportunity. So who will he be targeting? According to one of his last posts he said he only ‘rates’ three councillors on the Borough Council, we know these to be best bud Thomas Jay, Richard Kingstone and Jan Wadrup, all of whom he has given positive PR to over the last few months.

Brindley (Left) with Tamworth Council Deputy Leader Thomas Jay (right).

So who is Brina likely going to trash in May? Here’s a handy list of Conservative Councillors up for election:

Almost certain: Councillor Martin Summers (as we’ve previously noted he’s pissed Brina off, or rather his wife did calling out Brina’s lies on Facebook). Brina has blackmailed this Councillor previously, threatening to leak private conversations as he went on to do, unless he shut his wife up.

Highly Likely: Councillor Daniel Maycock, just for being a Conservative and possibly for allegedly and unexpectedly getting little Daniel out for Tamworths’ single Mums.

Does Hell have a high heating bill?: Councillor Robert Pritchard. Brina hates Pritchard with an unrivalled passion. He will throw shit at this guy like that Gorilla did at the glass on that school trip you once went on.

Unlikely: Councillor Paul Thompson, again just for being a Conservative. Brina likely doesn’t know enough about him as he was elected after he left.

Highly Unlikely: Councillor John Harper. Harper appears to agree with most of Brina’s sentiments about the town.

Very Certain: Councillor Andrew Cooper. Need we say more than the name of the Councillor that made national headlines during his parliamentary by election run?

Despite the fact that Brina now lives in Leicestershire and according to him runs 30 plus Facebook pages, we don’t believe for a second that the Troll has left the building.

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