Paul Brina Brindley, local Tamworth Troll, Failed Businessman, Failed Conservative Politician, Bully, Coward (have we missed anything?) Has set irony meters skyrocketing towards the red today by posting this on his Spotted Tamworth and Tamworth Independent Voice Facebook pages.

Readers of this site who know what he gets up to on his pages, especially Tamworth Independent Voice, know that Brindley cares not a jot for anyone else’s mental health as he systematically attempts to trash the reputations of people he doesn’t like. Equally he could do with heeding the advice given. Brindley who doesn’t even live in Tamworth anymore, obsessively spends his life on Facebook groups he runs related to the town, interfering in its elections and pushing hatefulness towards those he doesn’t like, must have something desperately wrong with his own mental health. You might think we jest, but just think about that for a moment, his actions are not the actions of a balanced individual. Especially not one with the best interests of Tamworth at heart.

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