New 5 day old Facebook group ‘Tamworth Today’ headed up by Paul Brindley wannabe and baby troll Christopher J Williams has made an interesting comment on his page when challenged by presumably a local resident. When asked why he was replying to his own article asking for information from himself, he stated it was to encourage people to comment. He then asserts “We are not a troll”.

Now this is funny in itself, as Mr Williams is Tamworth today and other than his sugar daddy Paul Brina Brindley, there is no-one else. Now, we here at Debunking have often referred to ourselves as ‘we’ since ‘we’ have a team behind this site and many moles around the town otherwise. Poor Christopher from his posts and rants on other pages (he’s like a rash no cream can get rid of) wants you to believe that he is a much bigger operation with ‘Media/news company’ plastered on his about page not to mention using the royal ‘we’. He would also try and have you believe that his page is neutral when as we’ve already pointed out, he is linked closely with Richard Kingstone, Big Daddy Troll Paul Brina Brindley and Bill Bryan. His content so far is yet more of the same Tory bashing that Brindley does along with more bullying and harassment (yet “we’re not a troll” remember.) Naturally Brina is sharing the posts on his pages.

Naturally he cannot help following Daddy trolls lead by attacking the Councillor that Brindley attacked on his Tamworth ‘Independent’ voice page yesterday, which we called out. We are not surprised the Councillor in question left Facebook when there are people of questionable integrity like Williams and Brindley infesting it.

Also of note, since Debunking pointed out that Williams local knowledge was somewhat flawed, as he couldn’t get even the basics of a business name and date of an incident right on one of his first posts, blaming fat fingers (pull the other one, it’s several of the same mistake) he still has the name wrong in the very next paragraph on his second attempt. Somewhat embarrassing.

We are going to keep a close eye on Tamworth Today since it is yet another outlet for number one local Troll Paul Brina Brindleys hatred. One thing at least in his favour is that at least people can put a (smug looking) face to the page and know who to avoid in the street.

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