Thank you to our tipster who got in touch to tell us some juicy election gossip. According to our source, Independent ‘not a party’ Future leader Danny Cook offered to assist the Tory Party to get out their vote on Thursday because he ‘didnt want a socialist’ to become MP. Cook who apparently requested he did not want to be visible on any social media platform in this endeavour, offered his support despite having been the reason his former party no longer control the Council. No doubt there were a few disbelieving gasps when this reached the ears of senior Tories.

Of course Debunking does not know whether this help was accepted, since if it was there would definitely not have been a song and dance made out of it by the Tory party, who let’s face it needed all the help they could get during this election. We would imagine his offer of support was swiftly rejected considering the man has done so much to damage the Tories reputation, in conjunction with former MP Chris Pincher, that the town is on the path to becoming fully Labour controlled by next May.

Interestingly we’ve previously had an email from someone purporting to be Cook offer us gossip before now from an anonymous email address. We of course do not respond to any correspondence. If you’d like to get in touch again, please feel free!

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