As if you hadn’t got enough choice of Facebook pages with proprietors who talk to themselves, here’s yet another for you. Tamworth Today has popped up run by another local Troll, Richard Kingstone Fan Boy Christopher Williams.

Now, we don’t know whether this man (who has a vast superiority complex and seemingly spends most of his days on Facebook trolling according to our research) intended to leave his contact details on this page, but since he’s actually replying to his own pages posts and better still asking himself questions, we think he probably didn’t.

Now, if you go to Kingstones Facebook page, you will have seen him kissing Richards ample backside on a regular basis. If you visit his personal profile you will see some of the usual suspects he is friends with.

Yes that’s Kingstone and the theme park scuppering Bill Bryan he counts amongst his friends. He’s also had his page promoted and pushed by none other than the original local troll Paul Brina Brindley on one of his numerous pages that he hides behind.

Let’s see where this goes. But when someone is talking to themselves, it’s never a good sign is it.

Updated (thanks to tipster email): What concerns us more is that self proclaimed AI King of Tamworth Christopher J Williams, cannot even get his facts right on one of his very first posts. As pointed out to us by an eagle eyed reader, the business in the post is incorrectly referenced as ‘Jays Boutique’ and ‘Jays’ even though it is ‘Joys Boutique’ (gosh if only there was a picture in the article to reference, or Google). Let’s also take note of the fact that this incident happened in August and quite happy to lie rather than post the truth, when pointed out he had the wrong date, Williams changed the post to say recently (useful thing the edit history on Facebook).

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