A chunk of Tamworth decided yesterday that it would give those lovely Labour guys a second chance of screwing things up, by electing another Labour Councillor to Amington Ward. Lewis Smith who stood there once before, won the seat by a substantial margin to replace his former colleague Liam Bone who conned Tamworth out of his allowance for a few months in the full knowledge he wasn’t going to stay on.

Not happy with being stung twice by the Labour Party by having their newly minted Councillor quit and then thousands spent on a by election, the residents of Amington decided they’d like to be shafted once more by electing another Labour Councillor against second place Donna Summers who was decidedly not feeling the love after trying previously to grab the ward in May. Will this be her last dance on the political scene in Tamworth?

We can’t really make any secret of not being particularly huge fans of socialists here at Debunking Tamworth, (neither are we happy that the racist Britain first finds Tamworth attractive enough to get their attention). We see this as a rather rapid decline into Tamworth being turned red at the parliamentary by election still to come on the 19th October and then the Tories being turfed out entirely in May 24. Unfortunately for residents of Tamworth with sense, they will have to put up with their uneducated floating voter brethren and their decisions for some years to come, whilst the Tories lick their wounds, and their party faithful wonder why they ended up with the reds, despite presumably not going out to vote as happened we understand in the last elections.

It’s sad times in Tamworth when even the corrupt independent Future candidate #LittleMissMorallyBankrupt attracted around 200 votes in the election, despite also having abandoned the area in the last election to stand for Glascote rather than defend her seat.

So we are calling it here and now, Labour will win the parliamentary by election and more than likely the Lib Dems or Looney party will come second. If you’re a betting person get those stakes on now. Just don’t blame us if we hopefully get it wrong.

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