Given how incestuously some political ‘parties’ operate such as Tamworths’ ‘Independent’ Future then you probably won’t be surprised that by election junkie Ian Cooper (standing for Reform in both the Amington Council by election and the Parliamentary by election) is a former member of the Conservative party. But there’s more! We have it on good authority that Cooper was actually ousted from his role as Tamworth Conservative Party Chairman via a vote of no confidence. Something we understand is quite rare in any political party, even more so when you consider that the party were on their uppers when this happened sometime pre 2010. Ian has been fairly quiet on the political scene until recently when presumably he thought it was time to use his surname to good effect and attract votes from the name recognition the Tory candidate Andy Cooper has been busily building across Tamworth (at least he knows where everything is) in the short few weeks since he was selected. Let’s face it, people mistakenly putting an X next to Cooper is the only way the man and his dead in the water nothing party is going to get any votes.

Fun Fact: Ian Cooper was also Ken Clarke’s election agent, and you can’t get any more Tory than that.

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