In a shocking abuse of voters and their cash, it seems that the Labour Party in Tamworth definitely have been hiding a little dirty secret.

Liam Bone Labour Councillor for Amington Ward will be taking a politically sensitive job imminently and will have to stand down when he does. Labour knew before the election in May that this was going to happen but decided not to withdraw him as a candidate. Instead they erased him from their campaigning materials and social media early on, did a token amount without him in Amington. Then he won by 24 votes.

Once elected Liam was put on to committees that never meet unless the shit hits the fan and was reportedly dragged along to the first full council meeting, skipped one, then turned up looking completely disinterested in regular clothing to the last one. Seems they are trying very hard to make everyone believe he is active.

In reality, Liam Bone is creaming off his Councillors allowance, doing absolutely nothing, not engaging with residents or attending any meetings like his colleagues. Nice gig if you can get it eh Liam?

We at Debunking Tamworth are calling on Liam Bone to do the decent thing and resign now, as well as return 2 months of the allowance he has had back to the tax payer to help pay for the thousands of pounds it will cost for a by election. Don’t hang on and pretend you had to give up the council unexpectedly for personal reasons, let’s just get it done hey?

Cllr Kingstone having got wind of all this has even issued an apology (shock) on his Facebook page for backing Liam for the election despite not knowing a thing about the guy. Bit late when you meddle in the democratic process to everyone’s detriment.

We are asking the people of Amington and indeed Tamworth to share this news and put pressure on Liam Bone and the Labour party to do the right thing now.

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