From our news tip email, we have been told that the Racist ‘political party’ Britain First are struggling financially due to the Tamworth campaign and may have to put their campaign on hold.

Britain First who have stood candidate Ashlea Simon in several elections across the country, in 2021 had a sizeable amount of donations and membership income, after burning through 75k in ‘office expenditure’ had just over 8k left to spend. If they are in a similar position this year then we can quite believe they have nothing left. You can see their last accounts here.

Sadly Britain First have been attracted to Tamworth thanks to it being host to one of the Asylum hotels. As well as perhaps, picking up the racist vibes from residents Facebook comments replying to police posts saying they should ‘go look in the hotel’, whenever anyone so much as a vague shade of brown or accused of anything sexually motivated is the subject of it.

It must cost Britain First a decent amount in petrol to drive their ‘battle bus’ (complete with riot shield we kid you not) up from Dartford. We at debunking would rather they stayed put there, long enough for their wheels to be nicked.

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