Our local troll Paul Brina Brindley (Bully, Coward, Failed Businessman, hate merchant, liar) has no doubt been in a very happy mood today. His ego has no doubt told him how well he’s done in exposing those nasty Tories and their toxicness and incompetence, all whilst providing no evidence of course. Let’s not forget Brina found the challenge of helping the town he supposedly loves (and moved out of to Leicester) as a councillor, too much hard work.

Not content with Andrew Cooper losing the Tamworth parliamentary by-election our Daddy Troll wants him to resign from Council now, citing Andrew’s supposed ‘abhorrent disgraceful and insulting posts’. Now considering that Paul Brindley runs several Facebook groups, spends his spare time churning out abhorrent disgraceful and insulting posts on all of them, our irony meter is sadly no longer working as it blew up (rest in pieces irony meter). Brina has singlehandedly done so much to bring the town into disrepute to his dwindling audiences with these posts not to mention his well earned very bad reputation amongst Tamworth residents (why he moved we imagine). He is of course not going to be happy until every single Tory member of Tamworth Borough Council has lost their seat. He is the type of man who would actually believe it was he ‘wot dunnit’ last night in respect of the election results whilst casually ignoring the engagement stats on his posts. Naturally he makes the claim ‘he’s heard of many calls for him to quit today’ with zero evidence. Although we did find one lone comment on his Tamworth Spotted group to back it up, from someone who has probably never met Andrew Cooper. Along with a shout-out for us from Top bottom licker Jason Aston, who also replied to a comment, presumably drunk after driving home from the pub (as we understand is quite normal for him apparently).

We do have to name check baby troll Christopher J Williams, who obviously hopes Sarah Edwards will give him some love after hanging around her Facebook posts for the duration of the election like an obsessed stalker.

PS: We received an amusing message in our virtual post bag today “Maybe you should do a section on the bitter, twisted, independent voice propaganda machine that is Brina or is this one of his many outlets?.” New to the site my friend? We like the cut of your gib, go back through our posts and fill your boots!

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