Poor old Andy Cooper is taking a battering today on the Eve of Tamworth’s crucial by election, as the National Press (How very dare the BBC say the Mirror first reported it!) have jumped on the story of the now Prime Minister bothering flow chart, telling those who spent money on unnecessary items instead of food for their kids to ‘fuck off’. Rags such as the Daily Mirror have been running around like a dog with two proverbial appendages at the prospect of pissing in Rishi’s chips and it appears this has given them the excuse they needed.

Now a quick image search on the Interweb shows that the diagram in question has been doing the round for yonks, (the quick look we had consisted of finding one image of it in 2016 on someone’s tweet and calling it a job well done). So Andy hasn’t even drawn the offending diagram that he no doubt wishes he hadn’t posted on Facebook that day in 2020.

Naturally, our local Troll Paul Brina Brindley (Failed Businessman, Bully, Coward, Whiner, Broken Record, can’t remember the rest) has been stomping around next to his bridge in Leicester loudly proclaiming to the three people who reply to his posts about how we should all in Tamworth be outraged about this. He has even filmed Prime Minister’s Questions on his laptop to show you all how embarrassing this is for Tamworth.

Of course, as we have previously said, the faux outrage is strong with this story, and we at Debunking have absolutely no doubt as we read the comments coming in thick and fast on the Daily Mirror story (that they were almost as quickly deleting) that many people actually agree with the sentiment of the chart. It is what most people who are hard-working and decent in this town would be thinking, and an opinion many would express publically. Gosh, we think it could even gain him more votes.

Now Tamworth is used to a bit of embarrassment on the national stage, we have previously found ourselves in the National Press when a couple decided to fornicate in a phone box. So I think we might take this one on the chin.

(PS: Shout out to Spudman, we appreciate the love).

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