Well people of Tamworth it’s been a while. There’s been a few things going on recently but to be honest the whole political scene has been pretty boring until the last week. Inevitably Pincher got the book (or at least a few pages of a report) thrown at him. Inevitably there will be a recall petition, but will there be enough people out of our fairly apathetic electorate to care.

What is interesting is that Eddie Hughes currently the standing MP for Walsall North has been picked to inherit the slightly grubby seat from Pincher, not that it’s a foregone conclusion come the next General if course. If Pincher gets the jitters and resigns, it’s gameover for Eddie who presumably won’t be able to stand in Tamworth. Conservatives up for another 2 by elections?

So who decides to come out from under his bridge to start attacking the Tories again but local Troll Paul Brina Brindley. Surprisingly quiet and pleasant recently as his best bud Thomas Jay became deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council, our Troll has decided to start attacking Eddie. Why may that be you may ask yourself. Well wasn’t his best bud Thomas trying his very best to be Tamworth’s Tory MP candidate, but didn’t make it for lack of time? Would a by election mean a possible re run for the selection process, meaning his best bud gets another shot? I’m shocked you could put those two things together! Shocked I tell you!

What’s more shocking is that his best bud and confidante Thomas Jay is presumably feeding him all the information to take down his own team. Well what’s a boy to do with all that ambition hey?

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