Tamworths’ local Troll Paul Brina Brindley has made yet another attack on people he doesn’t like, this time over a pothole machine he believes Tamworth Borough Council should have purchased despite having no remit or budget to repair roads.

In yet another post where he happily talks to himself on his other page Tamworth Independent Voice praising himself for having thought of the idea a couple of years ago:

Notably the County Councillors he’s talking about are people he’s fallen out with and doesn’t like on a personal level.

Only the County Council have the remit and budget for road repairs, and somewhat prudently Staffordshire County Council haven’t just gone ahead and bought a machine as soon as it became available and have seen how well it works before making the commitment to buy one. Not only that but of course things have to go into a budget before they’re purchased. They’re not just going to go and buy one because some self important bloke from Tamworth said they should.

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