In a breathtaking display of hipocrisy, our resident local Tamworth Troll Paul Brina Brindley aka Tamworth Independent Voice on Facebook has spoken out against Labours absent Councillor Liam Bone. Liam was knowingly put up by the Labour party in the Amington ward in the May elections, despite his being unable to fulfill the whole term due to a new Civil service job he is due to take. The job is politically restricted meaning he’s not able to carry out duties as an elected Councillor.

Brindley was quite happily promoting the Labour candidates during the election along with his pal Richard Kingstone who thought they’d both do a little meddling in the democratic process by telling people how to vote. Instead of the best outcome for Tamworth, these two decided they knew best due to their personal vendetta against the Conservative group they were once part of. Both celebrated the outcome of the elections feeling even more influential than they were before. Now maybe it’s time for their combined tens of thousands of followers to question their loyalty to these two men who are quite happy to outright lie and spread misinformation, not to mention back a candidate put up by the corrupt local Tamworth Labour party. Richard Kingstone also has form for having backed another corrupt local candidate in the same election, Michelle Cook who was the reason Richard left the Conservative group in the first place due to her lobbying the planning committee for a PR client of her firms, whilst a Councillor.

We understand from a post by a former Labour party Councillor who became independent within the last few weeks, that Liam Bone was actually put up without a selection process and hinted at ‘nepotism’ being a factor in his appointment.

Richard Kingstone, Paul Brindley and the local Tamworth Labour party owe the whole town an apology. A proper one. They should resolve to keep themselves out of the democratic process with their undue influence and let the town decide for themselves who they want to vote for. They’ve proven now that they cannot be trusted.

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