Local troll (and speaking highly of himself in the third person afficianodo) Paul Brina Brindley, appears to be being briefed confidential information from the Conservative controlling group. As seen here in this latest comment in reply to a local resident, Paul Brindley states that he believes the roof of the soon to be tarted up Middle Entry will be staying “For reasons that are not obvious”.

We at debunked wonder if his best friend and Deputy Leader of the Conservative group and Council, (that Brindley laughingly calls the ‘new’ Conservative group despite being made up of the same people he has spent the last few years bitterly criticising) Thomas Jay, has anything to do with his pal seemingly having the low down on things that apparently aren’t public. He certainly has been getting a lot of puff piece praise on Brindleys Facebook page recently. Maybe a bit of quid pro quo going on?

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